Hey... where did that go?

Hey... where did that go?

Some of you may notice that a few products have disappeared off the site after the transition to the new version.  No, I didn't forget them.  I let them go.

We've decided to ditch a couple of kits that never sold well in addition to some "made" items which we just don't wish to make any more.  

Some of the kits will return soon as revamped versions with custom PCBs.  Much nicer versions.  Some will not, though you can still find all the parts for those kits on the site.  (Looking at you 9V Solar Battery Charger Kit.)

Most of the made items that we ditched were flashlights.  We've still got the kits for sale, we're just not making them anymore.  The problem was that they never sold too well, take a long time to make, and had a low profit margin compared to the USB Chargers that we now make heaps of.  Seriously, we're making 10-20 of those a day.  (The solder fume smell is now permenently attached to my nose.)

On the upside we are working on some kick butt new solar and LED kits, ones with custom PCBs and some advanced features.  We hope to have those up in the next month or so after we get done testing and ordering.