Up up and away! New site is a go!

Up up and away! New site is a go!

If you're reading this that means the new version of the site is up and running.  While we did like the old version, we were limited by the software and hosting we were using.  Increased traffic and orders over the holidays often brought the site to it's knees begging for a quick and painless death.  Needless to say we lost orders due to the site not functioning at 100% during that time.

This new version is a whole lot more stable, solid, and easier to navigate.  Plus it now allows us to use some different social media tools that we were neglecting in the past.  Like twitter.  (Blah)

Also now that things operate a whole lot easier we're going to be putting up about 20 new products, as well as some new kit and package deals.  To help promote these we'll use twitter and this blog.  In the future we may even make some videos and post them online.

So goodbye old site, hello new!

Though will miss it's horrible backend interface.  (Not.)