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Learn, Create, and Inspire–Even on a Budget

Creating a project from scratch can be difficult for the casual builder. Finding the right directions, the right parts, and the right tools—all at the right price—can be a major hurdle.

At Brown Dog Gadgets, we've created kits and projects for creators of all ages and budgets. Follow our step-by-step project directions and learn more with our classroom resources or find individual parts to dream up your own creations. No matter how or what you create, our products can help you learn the basics of electronics, circuitry, and solar energy.

Elevate Your Learning with Crazy Circuits

Crazy Circuits kits let aspiring makers explore the world of electronic gadgetry in more depth, including LEGO-based projects, conductive paints, and wearable technologies.

With detailed instructions and supplies for building programmable gadgets, Crazy Circuits help creators of all ages develop fun skills and practical knowledge about circuitry, programming, logic, and design.

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Let's Make Something Amazing

Electronic LEGO® Creations

Imagine a LEGO® truck with bright LED headlights or a NES controller built atop a flat LEGO® plate; LEGOs’ raised studs and smooth baseplates are perfect for circuitry and programming projects.

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