Crazy Circuits Bit Board Basic



Welcome to the world of programming and creation with Micro:Bit!

The Bit Board greatly expands the capabilities of a standard Micro:Bit by giving users access to all the ports, expanding it from the standard 3 to a full 20 interface points. Instead of connecting 3 LEDs or buttons to a Micro:Bit you can connect up to 20! This means you can create bigger and better projects within the Micro:Bit environment.

Connect standard servos and sensors to the Bit Board by simplify plugging them into the five Pin Header strips located on the backside. If you've never used these types of components before, don't worry! We have plenty of guides to show you how!

External batteries can easily be connected through the dedicated power pins, the brick based connection holes, or the power screw terminal port. Every Bit Board Basic Kit comes with a 2 AAA battery holder with a special connection port to power the Bit Board.

The Bit Board also features a built-in relay connected to Pin 16. This allows users to control 'dumb' components such as motors or mechanical buzzers, something the Micro:Bit can't do on its own. 

Version 1.5 of the Bit Board also features dedicated Pin Headers for Pins 19 and 20. This allows users to connect advanced SCL, SDA, and I2C accessories. Components such as Real Time Clocks and OLED Displays require access to these pins. 

Kit includes:

  • Crazy Circuits Bit Board
  • Right angled Micro USB Cable
  • 16 foot 1/8th inch roll of Maker Tape
  • 2AAA Battery Holder with JST Connector

A Micro:Bit is not included with this kit, but can be added on in the options above.

Warning: Kit includes small parts. These are a choking hazard. Not intended for children under the age of 10.

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