About Us

What began as a group of weekend builders and teachers coming together to create easy to use projects has now grown into a company with a passion for creating fun and practical educational products and kits.  Founded in 2012, Brown Dog Gadgets now offers educational products and do-it-yourself kits as well as consumer retail products. Equipping everyone from young 3rd grade learners to experienced mountain climbers; Brown Dog Gadgets offers a wide-variety of products tailored around alternative energy. We supply our customers with the freedom to explore life with their favorite gadgets by their side, thus reducing the world’s dependence on traditional power sources. 

Have any questions about the products or kits we offer? Shoot us an email at help@browndoggadgets.com or check out the FAQ section below.



I've never made a circuit before, where do I start??
Not a problem. Our kits are designed for new learners of all ages. We recommend trying Paper Circuits and one of our eBooks to get started.

Do I have to learn how to solder?
No! In fact 99% of our kits and projects do not require soldering! 

What other tools should I have around?
Scissors, paper, tape, a ruler, some colored pencils. For our larger Micro:Bit and Arduino center Crazy Circuits Kits you'll need a computer for programming.  

Do you offer teacher discounts?
For sure! We offer wholesale and bulk discounts, especially for educators. Just shoot us an email and we'll get that sorted out for you.

Is there an actual brown dog?
Most certainly. She is as cute as she is lazy. We try and get her to model our products, but her lack of thumbs makes things difficult.