Sometimes it's really easy to make a project, and other times you've lost the will to live and still need to make a project.

Well with that in mind we've decided to start stocking some simple little solar toys.  More or less variations on the Solar Cockroach, but read to go out of the box.  Something you can give you a younger maker who doesn't have soldering skills.  

We've also put together a couple of easy to make Lithium USB Kits.  Very simple soldering jobs that come with their own custom cases.  We're calling them the "Large" and "Small" USB Power Packs.

As always, we're also putting up the various parts to these power packs on the site as well.  The ones people will probably be most interested in are the combo USB Boost + Lithium Charge Controller boards.  Seeing as how many people keep buying our USB Boosting Circuit and Lithium Charge Controller Boards we kind of saw a demand there.  Why buy two boards when one will do the trick for you.