Temperature and Humidity Sensor


This handy sensor works great with our Robotic Board, Invention Board, and Bit Board (or pretty much any programable board on the market) to provide an accurate Temperature and Humidity readout.

This DHT11 sensor module outputs a digital signal for measuring temperature and humidity. The sensor can measure humidity between 20%-95% with an accuracy of +-5%, and Temperature between 0-50 Degree C with an accuracy of between +-2 degrees. More or less it's a pretty useful and inexpensive sensor to add to your project while being powered directly from your microcontroller. 

Information is output via 3 male pin headers on the circuit board. To connect it to our Robotics or Bit Board just use the female to female ribbon cable included with the sensor. When programming use standard DHT11 Libraries. For example code and projects please look around our Project Database.