Solar Science Station

Solar Science Station



The Solar Science Station is a non-soldering solar data collector and tool that you build yourself.

Use it  for recording solar data in the classroom or for a science faire project. With its handy built in USB port and banana plugs you can use it as a power supply for gadgets or electronics. We've designed it around a large 6V 200mA solar cell that can provide ample power for all sorts of projects. The included LED volt meter can be used in conjunction with the adjustable solar panel to generate all kinds of data.

The kit can be assembled with only a screw driver and wire stripper and is 100% reusable. An external 3AA rechargeable battery pack with built-in switch is available as an add-on (batteries included) to store power collected by the solar panel.

When using it as part of a classroom activity be sure to check out our free lesson plans and activities. The can be used as either your primary set of lesson or to supplement existing curriculum.

Parts Included 

    • 6V 200mA Solar Panel
    • Terminal Block
    • LED Voltmeter
    • USB Circuit
    • Banana Sockets
    • Laser Cut Wood Enclosure w/ Screws
    • Optional Battery Pack


Directions, Lesson Plans, and Videos

All our resources can be found in our online project directory

The Solar Science Station comes with six days worth of Lesson Plans and Activity Guides. Feel free to read them over before buying the kit.

If you're looking to use the Solar Science Station as a Science Faire Project we highly recommend you read this article we wrote about how to use the kit for that purpose. We lay out several options for how to run experiments and activities in order to collect and later present your data.