NeoPixel Chip



A NeoPixel LED designed to work in a building brick or conductive sewing based environment. Connect it to your MicroController of choice and program away. Use this as you would any other NeoPixel LED component; daisy chain them together, create a matrix, control them with an Arduino or Micro:Bit board, or just use it as a high tech RGB LED.

Like all of our Crazy Circuits components this NeoPixel LED is soldered to a small circuit board with large building brick sized holes in it. The overall PCB size is the same as a 2x3 brick component. The part is designed to connect to other components in a brick based environment using our 1/8th inch wide Maker Tape.

This part can also be used with Conductive Thread for use in Soft Circuits. Just sew through the large copper plated holes to make your circuit. For quick testing you can also use alligator clips to connect this button to other components.