Mono Headphone Jack

Add a Screw Terminal

This handy little headphone jack is a simple way to connect standard 3.5mm headphone jacks to a Micro:Bit or Arduino. Just connect the two wires to your microcontroller of choice and plug-in a pair of headphones or a speaker. This is a great alternative to using a noisy piezo speaker, which may annoy other people around you, or to actively annoy other people by making the sounds louder with some big speakers!

This is a mono jack, meaning you'll only get a single channel of sound coming from a single speaker in a stereo system. If you're using a microcontroller from our Crazy Circuits system you may find using a Screw Terminal Chip helpful. We added an option to get one with the headphone jack.

When programming sounds just treat the headphone jack as if it was a piezo speaker.

A guide on how to connect your Headphone Jack can be found in our documentation system at this link.