Dual Axis Solar Tracker

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Create your own computer controlled Solar Tracker in under an hour with this specialized solar kit!

This kit includes everything you need to complete the project, from the wooden parts and screws to the custom Arduino shield and micro servos. The entire project takes about an hour to build. The only tools you'll need to complete this project are some screw drivers and a computer to upload the final code (included). When finished the project can be power by any USB power source, such as a power bank or computer USB port.

Data collection is easy using the 6V 200mA solar panel and the LED volt meter. This allows the tracker to easily be used as part of a science faire project or as a classroom demo. Since the kit is only held together by screws it can easily be disassembled for multiple uses in a classroom setting.

To make the build easier we've designed out own custom Arduino Shield and PCB sensor holder. Code is included in our online directions and can be uploaded via the free Arduino IDE software. Curious creators can also modify or upload their own custom code through the same interface.

If you don't wish to purchase the full kit you can chose to buy just the electronics or just the wooden pieces and screws. The Electronics Package comes with our custom shield, Arduino, servos, solar panel and other various electronics components. We do recommend buying the full kit as all our parts are designed to work together and we can not guarantee that other components will provide the same build experience.

Directions, Lesson Plans, and Videos

Detailed instructions as well as a build guide video can be found in our Project Database. If your solar tracker is labeled V3 on the wood, use that guide as we have made some minor modifications. Otherwise you most likely have V2. 

If you're interested in building your own from tracker 100% from scratch we make all our laser cut, PCBs, and code available as Open Source. This information can all be found on our GitHub Repo. The only downside is that we can't provide any technical support.