Brick Compatible Continuous Rotation 360 Degree Servo


Add a Servo to your next programable brick project with this mini Continuous Rotation 360 degree servo!

This handy micro servo is designed to work in any building brick compatible environment. It features male and female brick studs as well as two axle mounting holes for easy building. Instead of a standard servo horn we instead have a standard axle mount. This means you can easily plug gears, wheels, and other axle mounting pieces directly to the servo! No need for an adapter!

To connect this servo to a microcontroller, such as our Crazy Circuits Robotics Board, just use the standard three pin JST connector. When coding treat this servo like any other servo.

This part is also known as a "GeekServo or 360 degree Geek Servo." It is NOT a standard motor. If you need a motor try this instead or if you're in need of a standard servo try this one.