10mm Vibrating Motor



This vibrating motor is used the old version of our Solar Bug Kits. For something a little smaller, try the 6mm Vibrating "Bristlebot" Motor or our self sticking Coin Cell Motor.

We've specially ordered this motor to have 6cm long wires as well as extra exposed wire on the end. This allows the motor to easily be used in paper craft or conductive tape projects. It'll run just fine off an AG13, CR2032, or 2 AA power source.


  • Diameter: 7.0mm (0.3 in)
  • Length: 21.76mm (0.96 in)
  • Length (including wires): 81mm (3 in)
  • Operating voltage: 1.5 to 3.0 Volts
  • 6cm wire leads
  • Extra exposed wire on the ends

Use With