5mm Clear LEDs

LED Color Type

These clear LEDs are great for lots of different projects!

These LEDs have a clear bulb on them which shines a bright light forward. This works well for projects that need a concentrated beam of light, such as our Straw Wars Cards or our LED Name Badges. However if you're doing regular paper craft projects you probably want to use our Jumbo Diffused LEDs that have a solid glow to them.

Add some flair to your project with our Color Cycling LEDs. Just add power and watch it slowly change all sorts of colors; no extra parts or supplies needed.

Power these LEDs from a 3V coin cell battery such as a CR2032. If you're using AA or AAA batteries it may be wise to throw in a 100 ohm resistor to prevent any burn outs. 

Please keep in mind that clear LEDs provide a beam of light outwards, like a flashlight. Most DIY, paper circuits, and wearable projects greatly benefit from a DIFFUSED LED bulb as they provide a pleasing 360 degree glow.

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