Brown Dog Gadgets launches Kickstarter for Crazy Circuits: a Monthly STEM Project Subscription Service

Brown Dog Gadgets launches Kickstarter for Crazy Circuits: a Monthly STEM Project Subscription Service

Brown Dog Gadgets launches Kickstarter for Crazy Circuits: a Monthly STEM Project Subscription Service

Brown Dog Gadgets is proud to announce the launch of the Crazy Circuits product line and an associated Monthly STEM Project Subscription Service on through Kickstarter and the company website starting Wednesday, April 5, 2017. Crazy Circuits is a non-soldering electronic learning platform that allows people to create circuits from almost any material they can imagine. Crazy Circuits are designed to pop onto LEGO™ bricks, enabling your LEGO™ creations to shine, move, and make noise. Use Crazy Circuits to construct paper crafts with conductive tape, use conductive thread for sewing, and create art with conductive inks and paints. You can even program sketches with Arduino compatible Crazy Circuits boards. No matter what you want to build, Crazy Circuits brings it all together.

Starting a creative or electronics project can be a daunting task. To get you started, Brown Dog Gadgets has put together a series of monthly projects designed to inspire creativity. Each month will feature a beginner project to show you the ropes, and an advanced project to test your skills. With all the materials you need right in the box, you’re free to follow the instructional guides or get inspired to build your own creations.

Crazy Circuits is for anyone who wants to combine art and electricity. From a kid making paper crafts, to an engineer building LEGO™ spaceships, Crazy Circuits has something for everyone. If you promise not to swallow anything, Crazy Circuits is for you!

Producing custom parts designed to fit onto LEGO™ bricks requires a high level of quality and precision. To ensure that Crazy Circuits boards meet these standards, Brown Dog Gadgets is having them made right here in America.

As supporters of the Maker Movement, Brown Dog Gadgets believes strongly in the principles of open source hardware and software. All of the design files for Crazy Circuits, along with electronic part numbers will be available for download from a GitHub repository. In addition, all instruction sets and any code for past subscription projects will be available for free to anyone at any time.

For many of the monthly boxes, Brown Dog Gadgets has partnerships to with companies who offer fun electronics-related products to bring you the best of the maker world! This is a great way to try out a curated project that integrates these unique products from our partners to get a wider view of what is possible. Brown Dog Gadgets is excited to announce partnerships with Circuit Scribe, MEEPER Technology LLC, Bare Conductive, InkSmith, BRIXO, Lunchbox Electronics, REcharge Labs, Flexo, and Squishy Circuits.

To subscribe to creativity, please visit the Crazy Circuits Kickstarter page at

About Brown Dog Gadgets:

Brown Dog Gadgets is a company located Brookfield, WI that produces educational kits focusing on science, robotics, solar, and electronics products. The owner, Joshua Zimmerman, is no stranger to successful Kickstarters. He is a former middle school science teacher who has previously run two Kickstarter campaigns in the Solar Science space totaling over $313,000 and 2600 backers.