Pardon Our Mess

Pardon Our Mess

Forgive the messy website.  After two years of attempting to do everything ourself, we've decided to move our website to a new system. One that doesn't have us pulling out our hair at 2 am due to some random Wordpress malware alert.  We really do like our hair.

The biggest issue is that we've become slightly popular which means that we're spending all our free time building things, and finding it tough to find enough time to the website transition.  With that in mind please forgive any issues or product omissions for the time being.  We're working as best we can to get everything (and more!) up on the site.

Plus with such a darn tootin cool new look we just HAVE to go back and take new photos of a lot of our stuff, least it tarnish our pretty new site.

Thanks for understanding!

BDG Staff