Week of June 23rd

Week of June 23rd

This week will be a busy week for us here at Brown Dog Gadgets.

First, I want to mention that there is a 10% OFF coupon for the Starter Sewing Supplies Kit! This is a great opportunity to learn how to sew with an all the supplies in one kit. Below is the code you use at checkout.

Second, we are still making 3D prints daily so you should check those out on our YouTube Channel (Not Another 3D Print). We also have pictures on our Facebook page. Some 3D prints that we have already made are a smartphone holder, dragon, tree frog, and lots more! So stay up to date with those!

Third, we are getting ready for the Strawberry Festival that Brown Dog Gadgets will be attending. We will be laser cutting bookmarks, earrings, necklaces, magnets, and more to bring! Some of Brown Dog Gadgets' products will be along on the trip too! You should really come down to Cedarburg to look at our booth filled with lots of takeaways!


10% OFF Starter Sewing Supplies Kits code = StartToSew