Introduction to Wearable Circuits Virtual Workshop

Materials Pack Size


Learn how to implement Wearable Circuitry lessons and curriculum in your classroom with this interactive virtual workshop!

Wearable technology is starting to take over our modern world. As educators we can use this trend to motivate our students in STEM lessons and activities. In this hour long workshop we show you how to effectively engage your students by implementing a variety of wearable lessons, activities, and projects while understanding how to align them with local teaching standards. Teachers will not only watch live demonstrations of the materials but also use the included workshop kits to create example activities of their own.

In our Wearable Circuits Workshop you'll learn how to teach the following electrical concepts:

  • Simple Circuits
  • Wearable components and materials
  • Conductive Sewing Projects and Lessons
  • Conductive Tape Projects and Lessons
  • Connecting Wearable Electronics to Standards
  • Advanced Wearables using Arduino and Micro:Bit

All Brown Dog workshops we provide both live instruction and materials. Choose from different pack sizes of materials that best meet the needs of your school or group. Our workshops are intended for adult learners who wish to instruct others, and are not suitable for children. The live workshop session will be recorded and posted to a private YouTube video so that educators can revisit it at later dates.

Participants will leave the workshop with lesson documentation, printable learning materials, access to online materials, a copy of the workshop, and their own Wearable Circuits supplies.

Each Wearable Workshop Kit comes with materials worth over $40, and includes:

  • Conductive Sewing Kit
  • Conductive Tape and LEDs
  • Conductive Tape Holder
  • Felt Fabric
  • Wearable Circuits Printed Workbook

Custom workshop pack sizes available upon request.

For more information, or to schedule a workshop, contact us!