Conductive Thread

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Spun from stainless steel fibers and nylon this conductive thread is the perfect solution to all your e-textile needs. This is great as it acts like thread, not like a wire!

We like this particular thread for several reasons.  First, it's thin and easy to sew with.  Second, it's strong.  Really strong.  As in machine washable strong.  Lastly, it only has a resistance of between 10-20 ohm per foot which makes it excellent for both large and small projects.

Our pre-wound plastic bobbins each come with 16.4 feet (5 meters) of conductive thread. Most projects only need 1 to 3 feet of thread, such as our bracelet project, which uses 3 feet of thread each.

Directions, Lesson Plans, and Videos

Check out all our free conductive sewing projects, templates, videos and guides in our online Projects Database

If you have questions about implementing conductive sewing projects into your classroom or after school program just ask! We've done sewing projects with kids in 2nd grade all the way up through college, and have a few tips and tricks we can share.