Solar USB 3.0 - Limited Edition



By popular demand we've brought back the lithium battery version of our popular Solar USB Kits!

Build your own solar powered gadget charger in minutes with this simple soldering kit! Centered around a 2200mAh Lithium Ion Battery this charger has the ability to charge up most cell phones with one full charge*. When you've depleted your battery power stick this charger in the sun or plug it into a USB power source to recharge.

You'll need some simple soldering skills to build this kit. Overall there are 15 solder points with most of them being through hole to a circuit board. Build time is is between 20-45 minutes and will require a soldering iron and screw driver, though it isn't a bad idea to also have a wire cutter/ stripper around.

Lithium batteries are a very common power source and can be found in nearly every smart gadget around your home. However they can also be quite dangerous if they're not handled properly. We do not recommend anyone under the age of 14 to build this project without direct adult supervision and appropriate safety gear. When in doubt, try one of our other Solar USB kits that use AA batteries.

*Different phones, gadgets, and tablets have wildly different sized batteries inside which makes it difficult to judge just how much this charger will actually charge up your device. In general when it's 100% charged up it should charge up most cell phones between 75-100%. We don't recommend charging up tablets.

Directions, Lesson Plans, and Videos

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