Rover Remote Kit


By popular request we're now selling a complete Thumbstick Remote Kit for the Bit Board Rover. Control your Rover or Tank with this easy to assemble kit. It takes minutes to build and can be used with any Micro:Bit project you dream up.

Note: You don't NEED this kit to remote control your Rover. We have guides on how to do that with a smart phone or raw Micro:Bit. If you have the electronics you can also 3D print or laser cut your own version of this kit using our free resources.

The Rover Remote Kit is an optional add-on kit for the Bit Board Rover Kit. It uses a Bit Board, Micro:Bit, and two thumbsticks to control the Rover or Tank in a classic game controller style. The entire project is powered by a 2 AAA battery holder that's been designed to work in a brick based environment. You will need a Micro:Bit in order to use this remote and we can provide one if needed.

Included Components:

  • Laser Cut Body
  • Thumbsticks
  • Ribbon Cable 
  • AAA Battery Holder with Brick Adaptor
  • Connector Pegs and Beams
  • Nuts and Screws

Directions, Guides, and Code

A full build guide with code can be found in our Project Database. You can also find full guides for all our Rover and Tank projects.