Crazy Circuits Invention Board

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We're sadly discontinuing the Invention Board and any products that utilize it. We're currently selling it at a discounted price while we clear out any remaining inventory.

Create interactive programming projects with this LEGO and sewing compatible mirco controller. Designed to work in the Arduino programming environment, this little board features an impressive array of features in a small and affordable package.

Like all Crazy Circuits components the Invention Board is designed to work with conductive tape on LEGO or with conductive thread in wearable projects. It's powered via the micro USB interface or via a 5V power supply. The board is the same size as a 5 x 10 LEGO piece.

The Invention Board features 11 capacitive touch interface points for making interactive projects. Connect anything conductive to these points and they become a button. The Invention Board also features keyboard emulation which allows you to create projects that interface with a computer. 

Each Invention Board comes with a micro USB cable and five alligator clips. 

Directions, Lesson Plans, and Videos

Install guides and examples projects can be found in our online Project Database.