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Crazy Circuits Starter Pack

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All Crazy Circuits Pack, Parts, and Subscriptions are pre-order and won't start shipping until August or September of 2017.  Prices currently offered are for a limited time. All pre-orders include a $10 off coupon for future Crazy Circuits orders.

Get started using Crazy Circuits with our Starter Pack.  

The Starter Pack contains 18 parts + a case to hold it all in.  This pack is perfect for anyone wanting to light up their next project in a few minutes.  Easily add lights and switches to your next LEGO project using our Nylon Conductive tape, or add LEDs to an ugly sweater with the included conductive thread.  

Add effects with the Blink/ Fade board, because an ambulance isn't an ambulance without flashing lights to stick on top of it.

Download our Parts Overview Sheets or their companion Parts Index Cards below.  Get project ideas and step by step directions in our Projects Galley.


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