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Crazy Circuits Deluxe Pack

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All Crazy Circuits Pack, Parts, and Subscriptions are pre-order and won't start shipping until August or September of 2017.  Prices currently offered are for a limited time.  All pre-orders of Crazy Circuits Packs or Subscriptions also include a $10 coupon for future Crazy Circuits orders.  Parts listed are subject to change,

Learn how to add motion and simple programing with the Crazy Circuits Deluxe Pack.  

The Deluxe Pack contains 48 parts + a case to hold it all in.  This pack is perfect for the advanced creator/Maker who wants to make interactive projects, create custom code, and much more.  

The Deluxe Pack includes our super fun Crazy-Touch programing board.  Use some of our preprogramed sketches to create your own touch sensitive synthesizer or light up project.  Powered by the Teensy LC board, the Crazy-Touch offers 11 capacitive touch output pins as well as the raw processing power to handle multiple sensor inputs including audio.

Create your own projects or follow one of the many guides in our Project Galley.  The Inventors Pack is 100% compatible with all Crazy Circuits parts, as well as most other electrical components.

Download our Parts Overview Sheets or their companion Parts Index Cards below.  Get project ideas and step by step directions in our Projects Galley.

The Crazy-Touch programing board requires use of the Arduino IDE Software or equivalent. 

Download the Arduino IDE

You'll also need to download and install the free Teensy Loader Application.  This enables the Arduino IDE to talk to the Crazy-Touch board, since it uses a Teensy-LC.


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