Solar Lantern - Soldering and Non Soldering


The Solar Lantern is a kit created in 2014 designed as an update and replacement to the Advanced Dark Detecting Kit and Basic Dark Detecting Kit.  There are currently four versions of this kit.

Solar Lantern Kit - Non Soldering

Solar Lantern Kit - Soldering

Solar Lantern Electronics Only - Non Soldering

Solar Lantern Electronics Only - Soldering

The main differences are that the "Kit" version includes a laser cut enclosure, where as the "Electronics Only" versions do not include an enclosure.  The other difference being that the "Non Soldering" version features a build based around a mini breadboard, where as the "Soldering" version involves a custom PCB.


Non Soldering Downloadable PDF

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Soldering Downloadable PDF

Soldering Online (

Soldering Video Guide (

Additional Resources

Laser Cut Design Files (PDF files) - (If they're not here yet it's because I'm having issues uploading them!  Check back tomorrow.)

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