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Paper Circuits - Conductive Tape Kit

Paper Circuits - Conductive Tape Kit


*** This page is really a place holder.  We just finalized this kit and we're still creating some resources for it.  We'll post them all as we create them.

This project was developed as a low cost, home and classroom project.  The idea was to provide a kid safe environment to make LED art and science projects.  This is accomplished through the use of Conductive foil tape.

At the bottom of this page are a variety of templates, projects, and teaching resources that can be used with this kit.  They are free to print off and use as much as you want.

There is one version of this kit available.

Paper Circuits - Conductive Tape Kit


In general, instructions are included on each of the templates.

The video below will show you have to make several simple circuits from scratch.  

Templates and Teaching Resources

The below templates are in PDF form for easy printing.  We recommend you use paper that is thicker than standard printer paper if possible, though that works fine.

All teaching resources and student worksheets are saved as MS Word documents so that you can easily edit or modify them for your classroom needs.