Dual Axis Solar Tracker



The Dual Axis Solar Tracker was designed as a project that integrated simple Arduino programing and solar energy creation.  The kit uses an Arduino Uno, an Arduino Sensor Shield, two 9G Metal Gear Servos, and four light detecting resistors to achieve active tracking in real time.

There is currently one version of the kit available, with an optional solar cell and volt meter add on.

Dual Axis Solar Tracker Kit

Directions - English

Dual Axis Solar Tracker Online (instructables.com)

Dual Axis Solar Tracker Downloadable PDF

Dual Axis Solar Tracker Video Guide (youtube.com)

Line Art Step by Step Diagram PDF

Directions - Espanol

Seguidor Solar (instructables.com)

Seguidor Solar PDF

Seguidor Solar Video (youtube.com)

Descargue el esquema PDF

Code and Laser Cut Files

The code is designed for an Arduino Uno.

Download Code

The Laser Cut files are set up for use with quarter inch wood and 8-32 screws at 3/4th inch length.  Other sizes will require modification.

Design Files - Top

Design Files - Bottom

Lesson Plans and Teaching Resources

At this time there are no lesson plans or resources available, though you can modify many of the plans for the Solar Science Station for use with this project.