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6V and 12V Charge Controllers

6V and 12V Charge Controllers


We have offered several 6V and 12V Charge Controller options for use with our 20W Folding Solar Cell, though they can be used with any solar panel.

Currently there are three options available.

6V Charge Controller With USB

12V Charge Controller With USB

12V 5A  USB Charger Controller



12V Charge Controllers need an 18V Solar Power Source to work effectively, due to the fact that the sun is never consistent in power.  6V Charge Controllers need a 9V Solar Power Source.  Please also make sure that you're using an appropriate rechargeable battery for charging.  Simple Lead Acid rechargeable batteries are available at most hardware stores or off of Amazon.

For all Charge Controllers, read this PDF.  It's a basic guide for wiring and an explanation of how everything works.

The 12V 5A USB Charge Controller only needs to have it's components screwed into place, all other rehire soldering.