20W Folding Solar Cell


By popular request the 20W Folding Solar Cell was added to the Folding Solar Cell lineup.  It features an 18V 1.1A output for use with 12V power system.

There is one version of this panel available.

20W Folding Solar Cell


To use this panel in any useful way a 12V Charge Controller is needed.  

Open the plastic box on the panel to expose the Positive and Negative Terminals.

Attach wires to these terminal and then to your Charge Controller.

Put the panel in direct sunlight.  The panel will work through a window if you have one large enough.

For an example of how to wire up an example charge controller download and read this PDF.  Though they are super simple.

Cleaning and Care

Use warm water to clean the panel.  It is best to avoid getting water inside the plastic terminal housing if at all possible.  Simple epoxy or silicon calk can be used to help protect against moisture in permanent installations.