Sampler Pack - Limited Time Offer

Sampler Pack - Limited Time Offer


Limited Time Availability!

With so many students stuck home due to world wide pandemics we figured that parents might want have some educational activities to help fill the long days. These Sampler Packs are full of a wide range of parts and activities which will bring a smile to even the most angst filled pre-teen! In addition to our many free online resources we'll also be releasing daily mini-lesson and activity pages. So clear off the kitchen table and get ready to spend some time creating fun filled STEM projects!

We typically only sell these Sampler Packs to teachers at educational conference. They're designed to show off the wide range of products and activities that Brown Dog Gadgets creates. At a base level these kits allow the user to create 7-8 of our projects and get a feel for the lessons plans and resources we've created. With such a large number of students stuck at home we decided that we should open this product up to home users as well as create some additional home learning resources to go with it. Our goal is to create 10-12 mini lessons and activities that can be done with the Sampler Pack (or using parts from our various kits) in the comfort of any home. 

Kits and Parts/ Activities that can be done with the Sampler Pack:

  • Bristlebots 
  • Solar Cockroach / Origami Circuits
  • LED Name Badges (2)
  • Jumbo LEDs / Paper Circuits
  • Crazy Circuits Battery Holder / LEGO and Sewing Circuits
  • Crazy Circuits LED / LEGO and Sewing Circuits
  • 1/4 Inch Maker Tape
  • 1/8th Inch Maker Tape
  • Conductive Thread
  • Instruction Cards

    Resources and Curriculum

    We have heaps of online lessons and projects in our Online Project Database. Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram to see our daily mini-lesson plan announcements.