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Solar Chargers

Solar USB Kit 2.0

Teach any child or student the power of solar energy by building a USB solar charger! The finished charger is capable of charging small electronic devices. Two rechargeable AA batteries, that when soldered to the solar panel, create a charging circuit that allows solar energy to be stored in the batteries. A Baltic Birch enclosure houses all of the internal parts and is held together by screws. We recommend painting or staining your enclosure ...

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Lithium Heavy Duty Solar USB Kit 2.0

Teach any child or student the power of solar energy by building a USB solar charger! The finished charger is capable of charging small electronic devices.  Unlike the it's smaller, AA, cousin the Lithium 2.0 isn't for kids.  It's a full featured USB Charger thats actually useful.  Whereas the AA version may only get a phone up to 20% charged, the Lithium Heavy Duty 2.0 will charge up a standard smartphone 100% off just the battery.  Plus with...

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7W Folding USB Solar Cell

This solar cell is perfect for campers, backpackers, college students, and basically anyone who need to keep their small gadgets charged throughout the day! Weighing in at 14 oz, this solar cell outputs enough power to charge a typical smartphone in 2-3 hours (in direct sunlight). To store the solar panel while not in use, simply fold it up, snap the buttons closed, and you are good to go! This solar charger is an ideal companion for tablets ...

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Altoids Solar USB Charger

CLICK HERE FOR OUR NEW VERSION. Our classic Altoids USB Solar Charger.  Stylish, techy, and useful.  Use it to charge up any USB device on the go! Unfortunately time has taken it's toll on our Altoids charger.  Phone and Gadget batteries are getting larger with each new generation, and the Altoids Charger doesn't have as much kick as it used to.  We're now recommending that people wishing to charge up their gadgets on the go use one of our new...


Solar USB Lantern

This lantern houses a hidden 2.5W internal solar cell for self-charging. When sunlight isn't available, it's internal battery can be charged via the USB port, which doubles as a charging station. The internal battery provides one full charge to a typical smartphone. Specifications: 2.5W Solar Cells 32 Ultra-Bright LEDs Internal AA NiMh Batteries Power Capacity: 1800mAh Output: 1A Male to Male USB Cable ...


Solar Science Station

The Solar Science Station is a non-soldering solar USB charger. Use it as a tool for recording solar data in the classroom and as a power supply for gadgets. We've designed it around a large 5.5V 320mA solar cell that sits on a rotating axis (with degree measures), so you can adjust the angle. We have also engraved degree measures on the side. Record heaps of scientific data by having students measure the angle in degrees, the time of day, and...

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Kick Back 7W USB Solar Cell

This solar cell works best with small to medium-sized gadgets. This solar cell has a built in leg stand, which enables it to stand up on any flat surface. Typical smart phone charging time 2-3 hours. Solar Cell: 6.5V/ 7W Max Output: 5V/ 1.1A Dimensions: 480 x 230mm Weight: 450g Features built in kick stand and mounting loops


Solar Crank Flashlight

This LED flashlight would be a great addition to any emergency kit. Use the hand crank dynamo, the built-in solar cell, or the built-in USB port to charge up the flashlight.  Specifications: Solar Cell: 5.5V/ 80mA Battery Capacity: 800mAh Micro USB Input: 5V/ 500mA USB Output: 5V/ 500mA Size: 135 x 42 x 34mm Weight: 95g  Does not work with iPads


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