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Arduino Kit

3x3x3 LED Cube Shield Kit

The 3x3x3 LED Cube Shield Kit is an easy to make Ardunio compatible shield. Each LED in the cube is individually addressable, allowing you to have complete control and make all sorts of animations.  Items Needed: Arduino Compatible Programing Board Soldering Iron Parts Included: 27 Red or Green LEDs PCB Board Header Pins Resistors Wires Foam grid to help you build

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Arduino Compatible Uno Clone

 A fully featured, ready made, Arduino Compatible UNO Rev3 Development Board.  Ready to use right out of the box.  Comes with a USB cable.


Arduino Ethernet Shield

A standard sized Arduino compatible shield.  Based on the Wiznet W5100 Ethernet Chip this shield makes it insanely easy for you to get your Arduino online.  The shield is directly supported by the Arduino Ethernet Library.  It also has a handy mice SD slot so you can save up files. Compatible with any Arduino or Arduino Clone that supports shields, like our fun filled Kameduino.  


Ultrasonic Range Finder HC-SR04

Need a project that can "see" objects around it?  Then you need an ultrasonic range finder.  The first step in creating a killer robot.   This is a sensor module for use in a programing setup, such as our Arduino clones.  It uses ultrasonic frequencies to judge distances, kind of like sonar. Specks: Working Voltage: DC5V  Static current: less than 2mA Level output: high-5V Level output: the end of 0V Sensor angle: not more than 15 degrees Det...


Infrared PIR Motion Sensor

A simple motion sensor module.  Use it to scare people to shoot things at cats. This is a Infrared PIC Motion Sensor module for use with a programing environment.  Such as our Arduino clones. It has an attached circuit board with someplace adjustment options via two variable resistors.  Includes a row of headers to attach connecting cables to. Specs: Detector range: 7m Detector angle: 110° Power Voltage: 4.5 -- 20V DC Level Output: high 3V lo...


Mega Sketch - Home and Classroom Edition

The Mega Sketch is an art robot.  It hangs on a board, wall, or white board and makes pictures.  It has all the technology of a 3D printer without the burning hot temperatures or the expensive plastic filament.  Assembling and running the kit will prepare the builder to take that next step into DIY 3D printing. To run the Mega Sketch you will need a Windows, Apple, or Linux comptuer with a USB port and the Mega Sketch software. The default se...


Tacuino Kit

A low-cost, easy to assemble, modular, Arduino-compatible microcontoller kit. Embedding electronics into projects is an exciting way to get kids interested in electronics and programming. Unfortunately, the techniques necessary to create a robust project are not trivial. We've created this system which allows you to: Easily create and test a working microcontroller circuit with basic inputs and outputs using standard through-hole component...


LCD Keypad Shield

Keypad Shield for Arduino compatible programing boards.  Has a monochrome LCD display and buttons.  For... buttoning. Features:  16x2 LCD Blue Backlight with white words  Uses 4 Bit Arduino LCD Library Shield Compatible


SnapNSnew - Sewing Bundle

Easy to assemble, low-cost microcontoller board with two input and two outputs, ready for your project! Embedding electronics into textiles is an exciting way to get kids interested in electronics. Unfortunately, the techniques necessary to create a robust project are not trivial. We've created this system which allows you to: Easily create and test a working microcontroller circuit with basic inputs and outputs using standard through-hole...


Prototyping Shield with Mini Breadboard

Shield comes with a mini breadboard.  Use the breadboard to test out your projects or solder onto the shield to make things more permanent. Features: Small soldering area. All Arduino pins accessible through socket headers 1 reset button, 1 general use button, and 2 useable LEDs 5V, GND, and Raw pins are exposed as well. SOIC place for IC. 170 Point Mini Breadboard with self-adhesive backing Prototype size: 7 * 5.4 * 2cm Mini breadboard size:...


Piccolo - Mini Drawbot

** Available Summer 2015 - Currently in development The Piccolo - Mini Drawbot is the prefect project for the student or hobbyist interested in learning about CNC machines. In a nutshell, the Piccolo is a computer controlled pen, brush, marker, pencil, or whatever you can fit onto the end.  Using the easy to operate controller software you can load your own picture files and draw on any surface.   We designed this project so that it could easi...


Sensor Shield V4

One of the annoying parts to any programing project is wiring up sensors.  Make your project truly "plug and play" with the Sensor Shield V4.  It features a plethora of ports and headers for all your sensor needs.  It's 100% Ardunio compatible and requires no special programing or code to get running.  You'll be programing up all sorts of sensors in no time. Each functional module has buckled port with VCC, GND and Output, which has correspond...



*** Currently in development - Available Summer 2015 The Sphere-o-Matic is an open source, easy to assemble, non soldering robot that can draw on round or spherical surfaces. In a nutshell, its a computer controlled pen designed for round object.  Want to make a custom ping pong ball?  Done.  Custom golf ball?  Done.  Christmas ornament?  Done. We designed the Sphere-o-Matic as a simple way to introduce hobbyists and students to the world of C...

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